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Ugh, I find that question so offensive. You have one of the best contemporary drummers in front of you and THAT is what you ask him? Sorry, but NO.

How about the fact that his drumming steals over almost every song? or his energy? or his passion? He is handsome and sexy and magnetic and whatnot, but first and foremost he is an excellent artist.

So GTFO with your shitty question, reporter lady!

But what if I have questions about his musicianship AND his penis?

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#   that gif tho 

Wouldn’t have to tell me twice…

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if u dont think i’d do some fucked up shit for concert tickets then u are dead wrong 

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Shannon Leto during Birth ().

I will never get sick of seeing him play Birth!

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Love this pic.

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#   Shannon Leto 


Brand New - Jesus Christ

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thirty seconds to mars meme | [2/4] interviews
andpop, 2013

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literally me if i get married

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If you don’t have a massive alternative universe in your head with developed people and stories you’re lying.

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Some beardy goodness

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Ian Harding's reaction to Ezria Sex scene

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